Single Lesson Purchase

Single Lesson Purchase


Need to buy just one lesson? Get your lesson here! This is best for students that are already subscribed.

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Welcome to the studio!  

Your purchase includes:

1. Free Consultation Lesson - Arranged upon completion of form on

Shortly you will receive a welcome email! This email will get you in contact with our staff to set up our in home or by phone consultation lesson! We will make sure you are ready to go before you start lessons! Also, it is likely you will get a few first assignments! (No purchase necessary)

2. Teacher Matching - Arranged after the consultation lesson.

We will find the perfect teacher for your style of music and match them up with your ideal schedule that you provided at the consultation lesson.

3. Easy Scheduling and Reminders

Our system of scheduling is a no-fuss, easy, and streamlined machine. Reminder email and texts are sent out to teachers and students. No forgetting appointments!

4. Flexible Rescheduling 

Do you need to reschedule this week? Maybe your teacher got a gig and needs to move your lesson. Awesome. It happens. Simply respond to the reminder text or email with your preferred time and we will confirm the new lesson.

5. Substitute Teacher Network

Performing musicians are busy people and rarely their schedules just can’t work with yours. This is your opportunity to learn from a new prospective of another great musician. You will be notified if a substitute is needed and given the option to accept or decline. 

6. Fair Cancellation Policy 

Sometimes you have to cancel the lesson. We get it. It happens! Cancel your lesson from either the email or phone reminder. Your teacher will automatically be notified. Just be aware of the policy, which is also included in the reminder email and text.

    1. You must cancel 48 hours prior to your lesson for a refund. All lessons cancelled within 48 hours before lesson are subject to payment.

Materials not included in this purchase:

Students are required to purchase additional materials for lessons including

  1. NM Music Planner - From the NM Store at

  2. Approved instruments.

  3. Stand (if needed).

  4. Lesson books.

  5. Additional music

  6. Misc. Supplies for lessons upon teacher recommendation.